Mindfulness and Work Culture

Mindfulness is a fundamental ability that..

  • increases resilience and control over stress responses,

  • empowers focus and creative functions, communication and relational ability,

  • has direct positive effects on health and wellness,

  • and creates a human workplace culture that emphasizes awareness, compassion and positive performance.

Strong Companies

...Have strong Human Culture.

Dynamic wellness programs, focused on health and positive performance, report 11% more revenue per employee.

Companies that invest more than average in employee training have 86% higher returns than below average companies.

Vast numbers of people working in the modern corporate environment are affected by..

  • deep stress
  • lack of focus
  • lack of integrative communication
  • lack of enjoyment and human values
  • lack of creativity and real connection to work purpose

The need for mindfulness could not be more obvious.

High Speed and High Stress

Mindfully functioning in the state of flow,

...human beings can make effective choices and selectively and intelligently focus on particular pieces of information, while maintaining high-level mental functions and the ability to move through space and communicate.

With relaxed awareness and focus,

...getting things done is a much more meaningful, mindful and effective process. More time operating in a high-functioning cognitive space, and less time spent in states of high stress and avoidance results in better performance and profits and a more pleasant and human work environment.

As corporate culture changes to embrace mindfulness, there is less overall stress and less sharp stress vectors, even in environments featuring abundant information and communication noise.

Mindful groups evolve towards mutual response to challenging situations and a mutual appreciation of positive moods, being happier and better able to creatively collaborate, manage knowledge and intelligently focus.

Job Satisfaction

Stress, sickness and job satisfaction

...are intricately interconnected with the interaction patterns and overall human-support culture in a work environment.

A work culture that is not human friendly leads to a negative cascade of symptoms, resulting in dissatisfaction and lack of productivity, while a culture and environment that is open, human and adaptive to change and compassionate interactions builds layers and layers of positive potential, enjoyable safety and sustainable performance.

Positive Energy

Spontaneous flexibility, compassionate leadership and clear purpose, balance and the ability to sustain and inspire others, these are all facets of mindfulness tapping into the primal potential and joy of work and play.

Emotional resilience is directly related to mindfulness and compassion, to the ability to let go of stress and negative events and focus on positive functions.

Resilience also relies on ability to support others, understand their inner and outer environments, and compassionately help them tackle issues and experience enjoyable interactions.

Give people a mindful impetus to relax and release their own consciousness hacking evolutionary genes, and they will build a company culture everyone loves and is ready to do battle for and call home.

Sustainable Happiness

Ultimately, mindfulness leads to positive engagement and sustainable happiness,

...emergent qualities that are more than the sum of any parts, and empower the cultures and environments that lead to them.

The true fundamentals of Buddhist mind work - breath cultivation, concentration, wisdom and compassion, presence and awareness - apply to all facets of work performance and truly good human relations.

Over time, mindfulness leads to...

  • perfect conscious control over focus
  • unbreakable concentration and healthy energy levels
  • the ability to relate better to others, respond with kindness and manage conflict
  • develop insightful relationships and appreciate human beings without pushing and pulling
  • and reach higher levels of inner peace, human performance and relaxed enjoyment in all environments.

True Mindfulness

While a corporation may seem like the last place you'd find true mindfulness practice, and in some cases it is being implemented as a quick attempt at increasing productivity, there is an undefinable power about the simplicity of mindfulness and the ways it can survive and thrive in any environment, and always empowers human beings to grow.

Even a profit-seeking implementation of mindfulness will bring benefits for the participants, if the practice itself is good.

When rooted in genuine knowledge and real practice, and given the proper space, the link between human growth and organizational performance becomes very strong, and further empowers the growth of human values and sustainable human performance.

Quick Courses

Lunch and Learn – Mindfulness in the workplace: presence, awareness and relaxed concentration.

Wisdom Circle - Group practice that highlights organizational issues and finds ways to mindfully solve them through compassionate workplace culture.

Work Movement - Mindful movement breath practice that can fully revitalize and re-energize, instilling peaceful-warrior moments that cut through the fog with power and compassion.

All quick courses can be implemented within 24 hours and can be held remotely.

Let's be mindful friends. Get in touch and we'll discover how to implement mindfulness in your company.

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